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Perhaps because of his own love for shooting, Browning applied the principles used in the military .32 model to a smaller and simpler pistol, the prototype of which was also completed in 1897.

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By 1894, the Belgian Army’s rifle orders had been filled and FN began work on a small number of Mauser rifles as authorized by DWM for the German Army.After exhaustive trials proved the worth of Browning’s designs, FN’s general manager, Henri Frenay, recommended their purchase.On July 17, 1897, the president of FN, Baron Charles De Marmol, and John M.Mankind may well be the sorriest, weakest and most vulnerable animal to survive relatively unchanged physically since its emergence from obscurity.

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Man had neither the tough hide of the rhinoceros nor the fleet feet of the gazelle to protect himself from his enemies, nor did he possess the deadly fangs, horns or hooves of the other large animals with which to defeat them.Pierre, Miquelon, Mexico, Central America (including the Panama Canal Zone) and the Antilles in the West Indies.

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