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13-Sep-2020 19:55

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Achieving good results with an online dating service is possible as long as you follow a few rules.

The more choice you have, the better chance you have at meeting that special someone. Nothing is more embarrassing than getting two people confused. After all, you want someone who is compatible, and there is no better way to accomplish that than by using the power of sheer numbers that the internet can provide.

When a woman has this bolt of lightning strike her, it is incredibly empowering. Connie achieved her happy ending through successful online dating. RESOURCES: For more online dating tips from Karen Jones, visit The Heart and read her book Men Are Great.

Many women prefer the autonomy and freedom to be alone. Because you are human, you are going to want so much for “this one” to be “The One” that you become devoted to that outcome. So to become attached to a particular result happening can cause great sorrow. Connie and her man are off on great adventures, now that he’s also retired.

She truly desired to be the heroine in a story with a happy ending.

Only a couple of years away from retirement, she longed for a good man to share all the adventures ahead. “You’re definitely not too old to find a wonderful man. It’s a mindset thing.” At this point Connie was eager to try anything to achieve her dreams.Your job is to be clear in your own mind and to communicate clearly who you are and what you want in both your words and your behavior.