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15-Mar-2020 14:21

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Typically, patients would choose to have the doctor aim for the best distance vision with the understanding that glasses would still be needed for close work, such as reading.

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Colors can become dull, a brown-yellow tint is common, and driving can become dangerous. The virtually painless procedure takes a few minutes at our surgery center adjacent to the clinic.A comprehensive eye examination prior to surgery and discussion with your doctor will determine what type, size and power of IOL is needed.These lens implants are made from a flexible material and folded for insertion into the micro incision used to remove the cataract.A cataract occurs when the normally clear lens of the eye becomes cloudy and interferes with light passing through the eye.

Cataracts usually begin developing around midlife and progress with age.PREMIUM LENSES FALL INTO TWO CATEGORIES-MULTI-FOCAL OR ACCOMODATING MULTI-FOCAL Multi-focal lenses work by using various optical zones seen as rings on the surface of the lens.

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