Am dating muslim guy websol dating software

17-Nov-2020 19:25

Is there any way he could possibly justify being with me if he follows Islam so strictly in all other areas of his life?

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I feel like this may be the biggest struggle for you is how receptive his family will be not only of a non-Muslim, but also of a Westerner.

Hey /r/Islam, I've been lurking here for a little while, trying to familiarize myself with your tenets and whatnot.

I'm doing so because I, a non-Muslim woman of 23, am dating a Muslim man (24).

We are all human - we raise children to be the best type of humans based on our own personal philosophies.

Are you saying that you would actively raise your children to be Muslim when you do nto believe it to be the best possible philosophy?

Meaning either she's a virgin or she lost her virginity in a previous marriage. Hello there, It's indeed a great idea to learn and research more about the faith of your close friends and partners.