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When I was a prisoner, some inmates shared sensitive legal documents, including pre-sentencing reports and police reports to prove they did not snitch, or that they were or weren't part of a specific gang, or that they did not commit a particular crime.It's a practice that the Wall Street Journal report says is still common.Weiner should make copies of his paperwork and hand it out, especially given that federal prosecutors noted that the 15-year-old victim in his case approached Weiner to “somehow to influence the U. presidential election, in addition to securing personal profit.” The victim sold her story to the Daily Mail for ,000, and to Inside Edition for ,000, and is currently shopping it to publishers, according to the federal government.After reading the documents, many prisoners, at least those who lived lives on the street, may take a more nuanced view of Weiner’s case. I also needed to read a lot, work out and get a job in the law library.Anthony Weiner, the disgraced former Congressman and mayoral candidate who has been sentenced to prison himself for sexting a 15 year-old girl, would be wise to keep this advice in mind as he contemplates how to survive and become a better human being — or at least not a worse one. Jeffrey Deskovic, 43, spent 16 years in prison for a murder he didn’t commit.She served more than six years in Connecticut’s prisons.Today, she is a freelance editorialist and reporter focused on incarceration and other criminal justice issues.“When upper-middle class, educated, white people head to prison, they’re usually too focused on what other people will think about their downfall to notice what’s really happening around them,” Bozelko says.

I needed a squad of two or three select comrades to eat, play cards and walk around the yard with. Overall, I needed to love my mutilated life, to be hopeful and not fear death.

I expected Weiner to hug her, and whisper some comforting or comical words in her ear. I was at a press conference in 2011 when Weiner cried and confessed to sexting a college student but refused to resign from Congress. I was there in 2013, when he promised to have put his compulsive sexting habit behind him, and announced his candidacy for mayor of New York City, and I took his picture a few months later as he announced he was exiting the campaign because he had been caught sexting yet another woman.