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17-Oct-2019 06:36

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“One woman who rang up was 48, had recently gotten divorced and had never had an orgasm!

” On that note, the idea of post-divorce gift vouchers is just ‘tacky’, the pair says, but they’ve had women who suggest it could be a great idea – so you never know.

The client gives the male companion a briefing and back story – and hey presto, Christmas goes off without any awkward questions from Great Aunt Margery.

However, while companionship is part of the package, most clients – 60 percent – simply want sex that’s passionate, erotic and all about them, say Sarah and Michelle, who pick the escort on the client’s behalf.

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Hiring a hooker, an escort or a courtesan has long been a man’s domain. And closer to home, male escort agencies are popping up in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

“A few of my friends were complaining about being horny so I suggested it to them but most of them think they’d be too shy to try it.

Although the agency’s focus is on women aged 40-60, they’ve also been approached by women as young as 25 – and by singletons not happy about going solo to yet another family gathering.