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Tip: Sign In to save these choices and avoid repeating this across devices.You can always update your preferences in the Privacy Centre.-- *Footnote: In doing this search I have just discovered Google's 'time line' search view.This informs me that the peak of content containing references to both Rand and Hubbard was created across 1998-2001 (with the peak in 1999), with smaller peaks across 1987-19-2008 respectively.A common theme among US readers is how Rand's ideas attract young teenagers, who become briefly obsessed by them, but are later discarded as they discover other ideas and viewpoints (most self-commentators regarding this as a positive progression and expressing more than a little surprise that they ever took her so seriously).A summary of the (pejorative) 'European perspective' on Rand might be: I'll take your word that this is the case within the USA.

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Everywhere else most people haven't even heard of it, let alone read it, and where it is known it is regarded with almost universal contempt. I think one of the biggest revelations to Europeans from using the Internet is finding out how this twaddle is taken seriously in America.

My first encounter with Rand was via the references in Robert Shea and Robert Anton Wilson's The Illuminatus!

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I think this is one area where these research interests clearly intersect with the realm of an 'art practice', particularly one which is functional and aims to enact or 'do something' in the world, rather than being simply representational.