Babyboomers dating service

24-Apr-2020 19:38

Women tend to be especially enthusiastic users of this and online dating sites in general, perhaps because they are more likely to be single in their later years because of the death of their husband.

(In 2012, the life expectancy for American women was 81.2 years while that for men was 76.4 years.) Dating among boomers dispels many of the myths surrounding romance in one’s third act of life.

Facebook and Meetup are other sites for boomers to look for love or an approximate facsimile, as those are well suited for users to find others who share a common interest.

Internet-savvy boomers search for a mate just as they might for a good stock- measuring likely future performance based on relevant metrics and past history.

While some online dating sites for younger people may be mostly about hooking up, those for older folks like Stitch are serving a greater purpose.

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Single empty nesters who suddenly find themselves with a lot of time (and a lonely house) on their hands represent one more sizable segment, making it understandable why online dating among boomers has become a kind of cultural phenomenon.Like Tinder, it shows users just one profile at a time, and it alerts them to profiles where a person they’ve liked has liked them back, so they’re less likely to contact someone and get no response.Stitch also does extensive background checks, a good thing given all the Internet trollers looking for something other than love or companionship.And with the wisdom of the years, baby boomer dating is even better! I make him feel alive after so many years of being dead. He bought riding boots and we went riding together.

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A 54 year-old artist who is in our dating coaching program recently e-mailed me about her new boyfriend. His 95-year-old mom in Miami wants to see my photo.

Building a friendship first is often a good foundation for a romantic relationship, experts points out, making Stitch and others like it much more than your typical online dating site.