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It doesnt make you less of a man but it lets you get closer to your woman. Still to this day he keeps bringing it up as one of the most thoughtful things that any female has ever done for him…and we dont even date any more…lol. I have to insert a line or two here on behalf of the INDEPENDENT WOMEN who think like I do. Of course I agree with the intro to Vince V’s response and “……”‘s answer cracks me the hell up.

Fellas, I never say it out loud, but I am an independent woman, and how I behave in the streets is not how I am at home.

If it werent engrained in me to be this way, I dont know if my guy would ever be pampered. I’ll never forget the time I bought my guy a huge sunflower, which is actually the most masculine flower, and he took care of that damn thing and wouldnt let it die. Think about it, some of the most valuable collections of the world are behind glass and locked up where no one can see it or have limited access. You are worth being the first to know that you are beautiful and worth being loved. We must all learn to shut up SOMETIMES and listen just as much as we wish to be listened to. Your overall problem is talking, so shut up to your friends and to your man when it comes to where this relationship is headed…

I could say sooooooooooo much right now but I am choosing not to as not to set his whole entire village on fire. Be able to think logically and not emotionally so much.

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