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06-Sep-2020 21:47

I'm less sure about the wiki, but that'd just be a matter of moving everything over as-is, and I can't imagine it being very involved.

Themes can both be imported and edited, so it should be possible to match things pretty closely to the default theme here. [Edited on 2/15/18 by Melgar]Right then - just cuz it took me about three minutes i set up a discord channel.

php BB has a million different extensions too, and new ones are constantly being developed, unlike with XMB.

The way I'd planned to do it, there's really no risk of losing data, since two sites would be running until we've determined that we're sure that nothing is missing.

Since I know how much we all love reading PDF files, here's a link to the php BB documentation: I tried out the dark theme for a while (It's my theme on discord and youtube) but I disliked the XMB version of the dark theme.

We could run a poll to see how many people use the standard theme.

On the plus side, there's none of that BS with "quote" vs.

"rquote", and where to put which end tags, so that's a bonus.

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validating xml in visual studio

It allows talking, and text-chatting is way easier.Is it possible to update the software while keeping all 16 years of posting history?One of my favourite things about SM is the decade and a half of conversations (even if some of them are kinda stupid long.I'm hoping that I can help in an organizational manner, as that seems to be the only thing I can do well.

[Edited on 15-2-2018 by Vosoryx]LTS is "Long Term Support".I don't want to be overly critical, or give away too much to people who we'd prefer not have that info, but this software would have been outdated a decade ago, and won't even run on newer systems. (PM me for details ) I wouldn't expect anything upfront, but I should be able to put something together.