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Non-persistent attacks and DOM-based attacks require a user to either visit a specially crafted link laced with malicious code, or visit a malicious web page containing a web form, which when posted to the vulnerable site, will mount the attack.Using a malicious form will oftentimes take place when the vulnerable resource only accepts HTTP POST requests.Applications utilizing browser object instances which load content from the file system may execute code under the local machine zone allowing for system compromise.There are three types of Cross-site Scripting attacks: non-persistent, persistent and DOM-based.Persistent attacks occur when the malicious code is submitted to a web site where it's stored for a period of time.Examples of an attacker's favorite targets often include message board posts, web mail messages, and web chat software.In such a case, the form can be submitted automatically, without the victim's knowledge (e.g. Upon clicking on the malicious link or submitting the malicious form, the XSS payload will get echoed back and will get interpreted by the user's browser and execute.

For example: Assume that the URL In this example the Java Script code embeds part of document.If an attacker were to modify the username field in the URL, inserting a cookie-stealing Java Script, it would possible to gain control of the user's account if they managed to get the victim to visit their URL.A large percentage of people will be suspicious if they see Java Script embedded in a URL, so most of the time an attacker will URL Encode their malicious payload similar to the example below.URL (the page location) into the page, without any consideration for security.

An attacker can abuse this by luring the client to click on a link such as It is quite possible that other DOM objects can be used too, particularly if the DOM is extended.

If an attacker were to post a message containing a specially crafted Java Script, a user reading this message could have their cookies and their account compromised.

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