Christian views on jewish dating

05-May-2020 12:14

Nearly 40 percent self-define as liberal and 24 percent as conservative.And only 4 percent would refrain from a serious relationship with a non-Jew, though 70 percent are committed to raising their children as Jewish.They value tradition and family, but don’t plan on marrying only Jews.They are proud to be Jewish, but don’t feel that contradicts with practicing other religions.

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It found that a third of all respondents had a Christmas tree at home, and 34 percent said belief in Jesus as the Messiah was compatible with being Jewish.Cohen said Pew also did not delve as deeply into matters of faith because theology tends to be more central to Christians than to Jews.“Christians have a stronger interest in the faith aspect of religion, and being Jewish isn’t only a religion, but it’s also an ethnicity,” said Cohen, a professor at Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion who consulted on the Pew study.