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03-Oct-2020 20:37

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Borrowers are subject credit checks and may opt to use a co-borrower.Combine all of your private and/or federal student loan payments into one to make managing your student debt simple!At present there are about 20 different lenders providing refinancing services.Once approved, borrowers will send the AES loan information to the refinance company, normally in the form of a recent bill or a payoff statement.

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In some cases the refinancing or consolidating can be an essential step in debt elimination. As a large loan servicer, AES is well equipped to talk people through the process of consolidating loans, but the customer service representatives are not always the most knowledgeable when it comes to advanced repayment strategy.

Criteria for the loan include: The Key Education Consolidation Loan is offered thanks to the partnership between AES and Key Bank.

This particular consolidation loan is suited to borrowers who wish to use AES lending services, but have not previously held private loans with the company.

All too often, the terms consolidation and refinancing are used interchangeably. Before getting into the strategy and steps for enrollment, it is important to first define the differences.

– When done properly, federal student loan consolidation can help borrowers become eligible for better repayment plans and student loan forgiveness.

Stop juggling multiple payments to different lenders - consolidate your student loans today!

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