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Acquirers have well-developed toolkits for managing the financial and operational aspects of a deal; they track results closely and they hold executives accountable for hitting their targets on schedule.Integrating two disparate cultures, by contrast, typically seems “soft”— both difficult to measure and almost impossible to manage directly.With different contracts in place across a company, and different event processes working out of multiple budgets, bringing them all together may seem like an impossible task.By implementing a singular event management platform, planners can use the opportunity to create standard event planning and execution processes across an entire organization. 1 reason for a deal’s failure to achieve the promised value.

It's why it's a good idea for planners to structure a centralized plan across an organization in order to reduce inefficiencies and redundancies surrounding events across an organization; and the solution to reach those goals are often migrating to event management software.Pipeline reporting is happening against these sale stages.They are a driving force behind funnel management and forecasting processes.When a merger or acquisition unexpectedly heads south, the costs are painfully clear. Productivity flags, and no one seems to know how to fix it.

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Key people—those you planned to keep—start heading for the exits. In a culture clash, the companies’ fundamental ways of working are so different and so easily misinterpreted that people feel frustrated and anxious, leading to demoralization and defections.As a result, few organizations apply the same rigor to managing and steering cultural integration that they apply to a conventional, hard-dollar synergy. Senior leaders can find themselves in the uncomfortable position of watching the problem unfold without knowing what to do about it.