Current recordset does not support updating adodb

09-Nov-2019 23:28

current recordset does not support updating adodb-45

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Command Text = "insert into test (mmessage) values (? Create Parameter("message", ad Long Var Char, ad Param Input, len(lmmessage) , lmmessage)cmd. Much easier than the buffered approach under ODBC though. Execute()A couple of subtle changes to your code in that I was forced to put double quotes on the parameter name, I had to prefix param1 with 'set' and I had to pass the length of the memo field. Struggled a bit getting the syntax precise but you set me on the right track and I got it to work with the following code Set Con = Server. OPEN("Provider=vfpoledb.1; Data Source=e:\myfolder\; Collating Sequence=general") Set cmd = Server.

current recordset does not support updating adodb-82

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Error: current recordset does not support updating 5. Current provider does not support returning multiple recordsets from a single execution 7.

Personally, I'd recommend you to write a stored procedure that performs the update, and don't rely on ADO second-guessing on what you are trying to do. 'I prefer using this shorthand method because it removes the need for a param object and it is only 1 line instead of 2 :) "tbl Rev") 'Execute Stored Proc . Wow, this is really proving to be frustrating :-( Zad: Try changing this line: rst. You might also want to check you have the latest MDAC installed.

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