Daniel rebecca biggest loser still dating

01-Dec-2019 22:10

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” I remember second guessing and asking myself if this is what I really want. Be realistic here and just do it.’ And so I just sucked it up and just did it but I had so many emotions going through my head. But because I took that extra step, look where I am now. We ran that marathon in October and we started training for the show in May. The doctor told us that we were almost athletes because of how much training we did every day.I just didn’t think we were all really physically ready for that challenge. Then miles 8 through 18 were very physical because that’s when the pain started and the last couple of miles were just torture.When the audience met her at the Season Finale of Season 7, they may have seen her as just another reality TV hopeful looking for fifteen minutes of fame.But as time went on, Amanda revealed herself to be strong, courageous and full of determination.I remember flying to California for that challenge and thinking “Amanda, you’re going to walk 5 and you’re going to run 5” and that was my thinking of getting through it. Literally torture, because I was in so much pain but I count it as the most rewarding challenge because I did something I never thought in a million years that I could do….During the challenge, the first 8 miles were very mental. The fact that I did it and I accomplished it was a huge goal.Going through this process with Bob, he helped me get to that mental place where I have to be ok with myself before I can succeed.

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After that, I was really disappointed and got down.But at the end of the day, you do go back to the house, the cameras do shut off and you are living with these people.

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