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11-Feb-2020 11:44

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By then, a mature male has realized that looks aren't everything.

Sure, everyone enjoys a challenge from time to time, but not necessarily every day of his life.

However, the answer most women are seeking may be miles from their initial suspicions.

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Yes, most men won't pass up perfection, but it is a stretch to claim that perfection "only" includes the realm of physical perfection.Both parties typcially enter a relationship for the mutual ego stroke.In short, as men grow older, many of them find themselves less beguiled by physical perfection, and instead, opt for less attractive women who make them feel comfortable and appreciated.When you say average, I doubt most people have a good mental "image" but rather the generic concept of someone who isn't perfect in attractiveness but doesn't have so many flaws that she would be "ugly."Average is a large gray area.

If we are to find examples, we skew our answer by thinking about it.I think that most people would not want to put someone who is really attractive, but that just invites overcompensating in the other direction as well.

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