Dating a turkish man from istanbul

12-Sep-2019 00:35

His name was Onur and he was twenty-three years old.

He said that he liked me very much and he asked if he could have my number, saying that he would like to see me again after he got off from work the next evening.

Then he asked me, Would you like to stay in my apartment? He told me that there wasn’t any available space at the moment and he could only think of letting me stay in his apartment. Later, I would find out that when a man asked a girl to stay in his apartment, it was very likely that he had other intentions besides just helping the girl by offering her a warm place to sleep in.

I own a few apartments and the one that I’m asking you to stay at is within walking distance from here. It wasn’t long until he left the hostel and he helped me carry my belongings.

The young man allowed me to enter the elevator first and he followed me in.

Once the elevator moved, he grabbed me and pushed his lips onto mine, his hands roaming over the area between my legs and all over my back and buttocks.

On the way up to the room, I noticed that there were a lot of carpets in the rooms below.

Recep was not only a hostel owner but he also sold carpets.

His bedroom was in the floor above from the floor where I was going to stay.

There was another time when I decided to have a meal of manti (Turkish-style ravioli) at a restaurant.