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(Seen in the picture: The famous handshake that all of those she despises has encountered. She was the one who introduced me to her daughter and matchmade us together, but when things got serious and i asked for her daughter’s hand in marriage she said no.Then she asked her witch doctors if we were good for each other.

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Text is available under the CC BY-SA 4.0 license; additional terms may apply.The amount of money in briefcases exchanging hands and being spent like water not for the benefit of the rakyat but to be spent like water on jewels, bribery of officials and used in the pursuit of gaining more power.Shamans, witch doctors, aesthetic doctors and the like walking the pathways of my home for one reason or another but mostly to bring to heel and gain dominion over their peers and over their family members, even to cause harm on those who were audacious enough to cross them.There was a time when i would have walked through the fires of hell and back for them.

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As i grew older, i saw the selfishness and greed of one above all else.Still, Fazley, 40, told m Star Online, The Star's Bahasa Malaysia news portal: "My wife and I have never kept any hatred because as daughter and son-in-law, she is still my mother (in-law) and my wife's biological mother." "Throughout our 11 years of marriage, we have always prayed for Rosmah to open her heart to our family," Fazley said.