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03-Nov-2019 21:12

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” Some studies show that happily married couples take about 25 months from the time they start dating until they are married. There may not be a set amount of time, but I believe it’s essential that you share many experiences together in order to know if this is really the person you desire to spend the rest of your life with.

As you date, use the time together to be on watch for any .

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But the information must be corrected, and a proper petition to the court must be made, assuming this is an error by the person who filled in the blank and not an intentional deception by the applicant. Probably not unless the correct birthdate would reveal that the person was a minor and unable to consent to a marriage.

You can buy it and take it to an older mentor couple and ask them to go through it with you. Although wedding planning can be fun, make sure you take time as a couple to stay connected.

Plan a weekly that keeps your relationship a top priority.

Marriage is wonderful gift from the Lord, but there are days when loving our spouse just may draw us closer to God and work holiness in us as a result.

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That’s why it’s important to fully understand the purpose of the vows you are taking as you enter the covenant of marriage. Recently, my husband, Greg, performed a very special wedding ceremony.

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