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24-Oct-2020 12:13

A great deal of the appeal of Zapdramatic's online negotiation games lays in the fact that creator and user can interact with ease.

With each launch of a new Zapdramatic episode, users from around the world write in with comments and suggestions many of which are incorporated into subsequent episodes.

In April, 2005, Zap launched , an interactive animated adventure series, which challenges users to successfully negotiate with two ethically challenged siblings who are bound and determined to rationalize their way into a deadly collision with the Karma bus.

Users from across Canada can log onto the Sympatico/MSN portal, beginning April 1, to play the first hair-raising episode.

By playing along with the drama, learners can understand why the decisions they made were wrong and then correct the strategy on subsequent attempts.

The overall effect is to give the learner a safe virtual learning experience, which will not only provide him/her with knowledge and skills but also a little wisdom.

Zapdramatic was selected as one of eight new media companies to represent Canada at the 2005 World Sumit Awards in Tunisa.

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Zap recently completed an 8-module online negotiation course, which is certified by the University of Windsor, Faculty of Law.

Interestingly, over 50 per cent of Zap's paying membership is female.

This is a significant achievement in the online gaming world, which has traditionally catered to a younger, male demographic.

Zapdramatic designs and produces licensed and customized online negotiation games for the corporate, professional and educational markets.

Zap games have been used to teach advanced negotiation skills to executives, managers, professionals, sales people, real estate agents, entrepreneurs, customer service representatives, teachers and students.Zapdramatic was founded in July 2000 by filmmaker Michael Gibson and Negotiation and Alternative Dispute Resolution experts Allan Stitt , Frank Handy and Lisa Feld .