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13-Jun-2020 10:45

Our testing locations offer private, top-quality STD testing just like you would receive from your doctor's office without the added expense and inconvenience of an office visit just to have that doctor place the order for those tests.

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Intent: California law states that a person can only be guilty of willfully transmitting a disease if they acted with the intent to infect another person and engaged in conduct that was substantially likely to infect them.

If you are charged with willfully transmitting an STD you have the right to defend yourself.

There are two primary defenses that may be helpful: knowledge and intent.

The alleged sexual encounters all took place prior to 2012.

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In California, exposing another person to a sexually transmitted disease can be a criminal offense.Last year, singer/songwriter Usher was formally accused of exposing three of his former sexual partners to a sexually-transmitted disease.

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