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This is also true for Rhinestones in Vintage Costume Jewelry, where prong set ones are valued higher than glued in ones.

These are just some of the many date and value tips to help you learn what to look for when buying Antique and Vintage Jewelry which can be as much fun as wearing and collecting it! To learn more date and value tips and how to invest in Antique and Vintage Jewelry & Collectibles from the Victorian Era into the 1960s, check out Sharon's shop at Rubylane - YEARS AFTER Shop.

Many clasps on old jewelry such as pins broke in time so replacement ones were soldered onto the back.

A higher valued marcasite piece would have better workmanship where each marcasite would be set with tiny prongs or beads versus glued in ones and because of this the stones will stay in place longer.

Look at the hinge and the clasp of a brooch, bracelet, necklace, etc..

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