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In submitting this History of Brighton to the Public, the Author deems it necessary to offer a few remarks with reference to the introduction of the Work and circumstances connected with its origin. AND THK KSCAPE OF CHARLES n «5 PROSPEKll Y OF BRl Ci H'i ON AND DK. 38 FIRST VISIT OF THF PRINCF OF WALES 41 BRIOHTON CAMPS 69 THE AMUSEMENTS OF BRIGHTON, AND THE THEATRES . TTAWX FAIR 97 HUNTING IN THE NEIGHBOURn OOD 112 ROUTES AND TRANSIT TO THE METROPOLIS 119 ROUTE TO FR. ( Pou ASDt Ule of Wi^il, NJS, Jffllpqf CMb tote OHM* Mol Xl MMio'tftoek. Franconi converted the Biding School of the Pavilion into a Cirque, and certainly presented the best artistes of the day, both English and Continental.On the 6th of February, 187 1, the compiler, in compliance with the request before alluded to, gave Digitized by Google PREFACE. Charles Kemble sostaining the prin- dpal chai EBoterk In the month of Ang OBt, in the year 1809, Mrs. 8IDDON8, Bwfiwrtytefcwfi nr i L l tt Mw iiiwit ftou flw •tafflhh MMuwtodtoftpv Mri B Two w Thi M ol bar PBOrai PAL Offim OCTBS. Numerous have been its heut in qw : for many yeani it was held on the Clifi^ between Black Lion Street and Ship Street, afterwards in Belle Vue Field, — ^now covered by the Regency Square property, — ^from thence transferred to the Northern Enclosure; next held on St. Peter's Church stands ; then upon the Level ; afterwards upon the Boyal Cricket Ground, known as Ireland's Tea Gardens, where it was established for several years ; sub- sequ Mitly veoovend its old quarteisi the Level ; again was Digitized by Google 9 95 held north of tho Level, in Bkker's and Tilly's Fields, on the Lewes Boad; and finally the remnant of this ancient custom ekes out its miserable existence in a field near the Queen's Park.By ALDERMAN HENRY MARTIN, Ii ATB MATOB OF THB BOBOITOH OF BBIGHTOH. The writer of this book assisted in the above project, and was invited to lecture upon and illustrate a large and very valuable collection of prints, views, &c., relating to the early days of this fashionable town, and which were kindly presented to the Museum by Robt. Cunditt, Digrtized by Google 88 ■ Jeirdleiiyiiimolioii dating i Mok to (1^ Owing to the xftpid ino TMse of ibe population, a theatre mm «reoted» in 1778» at the upper part of Dnke 8tveet and later, in 1807, on the completion of the New Boad, another, on a more extensive scale, wa.s erected hy Hewitt Cobb, Esq., of Clement's Inn, London, ou the site of the present one. Brunton, sen., on the 24th September, 1806, and the theatre opened on the 6th of June, 1807. In 1818, posts and rails were erected aronndjihe Northern Enclosure, opposite the King and Queen, and shrubs and trees planted therein, — a vast improvement upon its prior appearance and eondiiion,»it having been, previously, the resort of all comers, and the receptacle of filth and refuse.BRia HTON: WBUSBXD BT l OBN BBAL, B00X8BLLXB ft 8SATI0NBB, BAST 8TBBBT. Furner, Esq., an esteemed inhabitant, who with other members of his family have been for many years associated with Brighton, and prominent in advancing its interests. The tragedy of Mam Ut waa seleetod for the opening play, the oelefaiated artistes Mr« and Ids. Beverley" in the play of The Qom Ms Ur; her farewell performance on the stage* Appended is a oopj of the h Ol of (he play** :— * nk« ICAXAai M f Ml bftppy, in nuwt mipm Uo U; aanonndiig to tl M Pnb Uo, Uuii Mx8. Here Brighton Fair was celebrated, at which showmen, toy vendors, pedlars, and *' Cheap Jacks " mustered numerously, and at that time the fair was one of the festivals of the inhabitants,—- held annually on Holy Thursday and succeeding day, and on ' the 4th and 6th September.his first lecture on ** Old Brighton " in the Banqueting Room of the Royal Pavilion, and on the 6th of March following, his concluding one upon the same subject, for which — at the next meeting of the members of the Committee — ^he received a cordial vote of thanks for the same, together with a desire that, at their expense, they might be published. On TUESDAY, Augutt 8, 1809, Wm be acted ihfl Tk H»4r of THE C3"-AJM: ESTEI"R;. It is evident that this, like other kindred institutions, has outlived its original uses.The Author embraced this oppjrtunity for writing a history of his native town, — — ^a task of no mean importance, involving an outlay of much time and labour, but undertaken con amore^ — and if he has succeeded in contributing additional interest thereto, he is fully rewarded. Smith, and Stent, for their loan of rare books and prints; these have been of great assistance to him in the preparation of the work now submitted for public tavour, which he trusts will prove satisfactory to subscribers and the public generally. Baraily (far «ftat m^kt «iil^, Kr Biut VMou, (Otlha late Vliaatn Xoyal, Dmiy Laiw.) Lew Ron.. At the south-western portion of Belle Yne Field* before spoken of, stood Streeter*s Mill, wbioh was remo Ted by 86 oxen to the top of Preston Drore, on the Byke Boad, on Sept. Under the CM at the south- east oonier of Belle Yae Field was a oontrivanoe, pro- tected hj walls east and west, ealled by the inhabitants at that time " Smith's Folly," the real object of wliicli was to draw up, in stress of weather, into a place of shelter and security, fishing boats and smacks ; but not answering the intended purpose it was pulled down. Her salary was £6 per week, and that of Mr Siddons, 408. Mrs Siddons first a Fpeared in the Theatie Boyal* Psiuy Lane, in 1776, under an engagement,— made irith Mr Siddons, at Cheltenham, that snrnmer,— for }Sx Ganiok.

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The anraseii Miits at this period were nnmeroos, — oomprieing tea partiefl, and fireworks at Pnmenade Grove, the entrance to which was in Prince's Place, North Street. It was opened in August of the same year, under the lesseeship of Mr Brunton, had a frontage of 100ft., and was of the same depth.As they age, members of the Baby Boomer generation don't like to admit that they're senior citizens, but they love getting discounts.