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But at least, the guy then didn’t know where I was sleeping – and I didn’t have to worry about him coming back later that night to get what he wanted by force.

Fortunately, that never happened, but it still made for some very uncomfortable nights. Usually, I feel safe in that regard in Asia – tall and athletic women usually don’t fit the bill for being considered attractive here.

At least, that is where I encountered the question most often, sometimes more than once per day.

Then, I spent five days cycling through no-man’s land – terrain so hostile and arid that not even nomads live there. My daily routine was grueling (see this post), with scarce water and armies of mosquitos, but at least, I was left alone.

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Actually, I camped most of the time – hotel rooms were an exception. If arriving by horse, they would start singing or whistling once they get closer to my tent, making sure I knew that they were coming. I know that it won’t be read by those, rather by the friendly Mongolians who helped me. ‘I haven’t seen her in a while.’ – ‘What do you mean? She hasn’t left her room since then.’ – ‘Well, she’s probably fine.’ ‘Ha, didn’t you know that humans die without the attention of other humans? It’s called Sudden Death Phenomenon.’ – ‘Who, I didn’t think of that! But I imagine that conversations like it MUST have happened, over and over again.