Dating website for ginger people

10-Dec-2019 22:41

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I’ve tried my best to explain to them that it’s so much more than hair colour. A more recent link sent to me was for a ginger dating website – Hot For (I’m not making it up! The website caters for gingers and their dark haired admirers. In a mere three minutes my Hot For Ginger dating profile was set up.The pale, almost translucent skin, the freckles, the adorable round eyes, the vulnerability… Thanks to the constant taunting from friends, I never miss a Tumblr or blog link pertaining to hot red headed men, but sometimes mockery can be a great source of insight. Four pictures of me in various states of undress and sobriety followed by a short bio that read: “I’m not a ginger-lover. I’m only loving gingers ‘til the ginger-lover cums.” Quirky with a hint of filth – perfect. ‘Natural’, ‘Smooth’ or ‘Shaped’ were my options and I refused to imagine what shaped pubic hair looks like as I selected it.My mother folded her arms, her paper cracker-crown perfectly regal.

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An internet entrepreneur by trade, the ginger cause is very close to his heart which is why this site has a special meaning for him.By assembling the UK’s redheads into one place, we have created a central platform for discovering and interacting with one of humanity’s rarest groups of people.