Dating your housemate

25-Nov-2019 14:53

Sleeping with your housemate obviously creates some issues, like not being able to look them in the eye over your soggy coco-pops in the morning or having all your housemates jeer about the exact ‘ins and outs’ of your night.But it’s presumed that inter-house relationships are never anything more than one-night-stands because really, who’s stupid enough to think dating their housemate is ever going to end well?However, getting into a relationship with one of your housemates could be one of the best decisions you ever make.There’s no denying that living mere meters away from your boy/girlfriend is incredibly convenient.It can be difficult, especially if you’re in the ‘honeymoon’ period of a new relationship, but nothing will make your flatmates feel more like third wheels than subjecting them to visual reminders of your relationship.It’s impossible to avoid public displays of affection all the time because you’re living together after all but watch out you don’t do it too often!

Because EVERYONE advises against having a relationship with your flatmate, the rest of your house will probably tease you/think that you’re crazy in the beginning.

Because of the likelihood of third wheeling when you live with your boyfriend, there’s a good chance that future flat mates will worry about living with a non-conformist, university rule-breaking flatmate “couple”.

You’ll probably have found that once they recognise how considerate you are around them they’ll soon realize they’ve got nothing to worry about though.

I’ve been lucky enough to be in a relationship with my flatmate for a year and a half now and I can’t imagine ever living apart now or breaking up for that matter.

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So if I’ve learnt anything from going against the “don’t date your flatmate” rule it’s that it’s the best rule I’ve ever broken.” but if you’re laid back and let the comments wash over you then people will stop giving you advice at some point and trust that you know what you’re doing* Third wheeling is a constant struggle Urban dictionary defines third wheeling as “following or tagging along with a couple” and if you date your flatmate you’ll soon discover that whether you mean to or not, you will make the people you live with feel like a third wheel at one time or another.

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