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04-Feb-2020 04:42

We all have heard someone state that Carbon 14 dating doesn't work and may even cite something as evidence.

The religious person tends to accept this idea without verification.

Something that may open your mind to finding that special relationship is what Einstein said "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result." Look nobody is trying to say you're doing something wrong, instead we're talking about improving your chances by a far greater opportunity to meet your perfect match.

I'm sure you know the high divorce rate without mentioning that sad unsuccessful statistic, but the successful half of those who are married are they really happy with their partner?

He also had time to reconcile his condition and get ready to meet and make his peace with God. Emerick and Tina were married for 46 wonderful years, and were true soul-mates who grew up together, dating only each other, from the age of 15 and 14. Together, they shared their love of music, tennis, golf and traveling with dear friends. He played alto and tenor saxophone with his band, the Quarter Notes, for seventeen years.

He was a founding member of the infamous Thursday Nite Men’s Tennis Group at The Woodlands Country Club; and for more than twenty years, enjoyed more than the tennis itself.

Unfortunately, Emerick had only one year of retirement to enjoy before he became ill. The family postponed this event so that Tina had time to recover from Emerick’s passing.

Typical of Emerick, he requested that a party be held to celebrate his life, not to mourn him.

The earliest religions and their modern day descendants made up religions in order to put order into the chaos and to engender our tendency to anthropomorphize our environment.Our individuals are high quality singles that want a foundation with their relationship for a truly loving companionship.