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25-Dec-2019 19:21

Does this person treat you and others with dignity and respect? Can this person listen to your struggles in the relationship?

How do they bring up issues that are troubling to them? Do they accept responsibility for their part in things not going well?

After nine years and thousands of questionnaires, the researchers ended up with 332 participants who had been in relationships with at least two different romantic partners who were both happy to participate in the study.Am I wasting my time dating people who all align with my type? A: It depends on what you mean by “type.” If you are talking about a “type” of personality that is athletic, energetic, adventurous, intelligent, or outgoing, then there is nothing wrong with having a “type.” However, if the type that you gravitate toward is more of a sarcastic, aloof, or mysterious type whose behavior tends to stress you out, then you might be headed for problems.What’s more important than type is how the person interacts with you and with others.Instead, do something to get your mind off of what you are upset about.

When you are calm, then you can go back and discuss the issue.

Every week, Gottman’s relationship experts will answer your most pressing questions about navigating relationships — with romantic partners, family members, co-workers, friends, and more. Send it to Q: I find that I typically date people with similar personalities, and it never works out with them.