Dave ramsey and consolidating debt

13-Sep-2019 22:01

Be aware of transfer fees, which might negate any interest savings you experience.Also, be careful not to use this new card as an opportunity to spend more.Dave Ramsey will motivate you to pay off your debts. He’s the man with the seven-step plan that can really help you to kick your debt reduction plan in gear.He’s got a radio show and a daily podcast you can tap into.Here’s a further breakdown of the various (non-DIY) options you have when it comes to getting help with your debt.Like the idea of an app to help you get rid of debt?

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Take the time to understand the difference and make the decision for yourself.If you don’t have junk to sell and you’re serious about reducing your debts, then consider taking on a second job or find a way to make extra money to really help with your finances.

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