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I did find a guy stroking and I got down and started sucking him. Listen for footsteps and if you get your dick jacked under the stall be sure you are the one in the handicap stall. Stopped by today and knew there was another guy there looking, too. You have to be careful of the straight guys and the one staff member (who is probably gay) that often wa...

I then had another guy sticking his cock in my face. The problem: in the few minutes I was in this bathroom three employees came in.

The last one came in as I was washing my hands and... Lots of young hotties go cruising there after leaving the gay bars in Dayton -- like Masque, MJ's and Aquarius.

Don't fool around in that area and you won't...

I was stopping by on Sunday and went into the booths. It was hot, so I unbuttoned my pants and let the guy suck me until I fed him my load while the Black ... There are hundreds of hot gay men at the University of Dayton and the fifth floor bathroom is legendary. Just remember your Catholic gay rules: 'you're not really gay&#...

Several cars in the parking lot with most guys just millings around. The locker room, sauna, and showers can be cruisy at certain times but mostly in the afternoon. They claimed he was jacking off and exposed himself to the undercover officer.

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