Earn money with sex chat online

29-Dec-2019 21:13

I don't know if the set up has changed, but they had you commit to 4 hour shifts.It is set up like a chatline where you hear caller greetings, ping messages back and forth, and you get paid when you get a live connection.

I'm not looking to increase the time I spend on neither the tutoring nor sex chatting to make more money.Some jobs I don't want to do: surveys (tried it before, takes way too long to make money unless you do the following)referral/affiliate links Teaching English (No VIPKID!Not fond of tutoring now and it's worse with children)Transcription Crypto mining with my computer Camming (Yeah, I sex chat, but I don't expose my identity)No to Upwork If you know of any non-sexual text chatting jobs, that would be great.I'm seeking a third income stream to make at least an extra 0 a month.

Previously,my income mainly came from writing online, but I dropped my clients several months back (ghostwriting regular content).There is a "loop hole" with the 3rd party being the one to pay you (not direct transactions with the customer) but I have known ladies working companies that pay through paypal to have their accounts locked down.