English dating sims pc

28-Dec-2019 19:51

The dating sim section really only feels like an extended prologue at this point, to introduce you to all these characters that you slowly become attached to -- and then it proceeds to tear apart everything you have ever loved.

If you didn't expect effective storytelling, you'll find it anyway.

And it's all pretty well-done too, boasting a strong cast of female voice actresses (extra impressive since a large number of them were in answer to an open casting call through Kickstarter).

With a strangely compelling combination of casual match 3 gameplay and hardcore information management (there is grounded by the game's extremely self-aware sense of humor.

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) Fully voice-acted, this game gears its dialogue decently whether you've decided to play as a guy or a girl (although its admittedly better if you play through as a guy -- yuri mode was an add-on tier to the original concept).And then you'll probably never look at a pigeon again without crying under a table. , where you play as the newest employee at the popular cat cafe A Cat's Paw) that just didn't manage to make it onto this list...

They just need to fast forward the rest of the episodes and have Anchal win because this season blows. Or have they kicked Danielle, excuse me Dani to the curb already? I think that Jaeda should have went home after the fourth time in the bottom two!!… continue reading »

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