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11-Sep-2020 04:21

Sub Hide Arrows Specific Fields() 'hides arrows in specified fields Dim c As Range Dim i As Integer Dim rng As Range Set rng = Active Sheet. That allows macros to change the sheet, but users cannot make changes manually. Count - 1 & " Records" End Sub To see if a worksheet contains a worksheet Auto Filter, run this macro.What this does (or rather, what it should do - and used to do) is (was?There may also be a way to execute a macro from VBA using the Do Cmd method, but I'm not familiar with doing that.

Show All Data End Sub You can use an Excel Auto Filter on a protected worksheet, but you can't create an Excel Auto Filter on a protected worksheet. If there is a worksheet Auto Filter on the active sheet, this code will print a line in the Immediate window, with a count of one.

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