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24-Dec-2019 14:27

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It might be almost impossible for some to tell if they’re exclusively dating someone else.But, there are always a few telltale signs that things are shifting in the relationship.In other words, one can never win when dating an insecure person — male or female. How do you know if you and the person you’ve been seeing are dating exclusively? The world of dating can be complicated and filled with all sorts of awkward moments.That’s the big question that many want to be answered. It’s not like a light switch has been turned off and on.There’s a little time in between when his eyes are fixated on many things and then only onto the girl of his dreams.Giving lots of mulligans to an otherwise great boyfriend is the best way to maintain a partnership — and vice versa.

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If his cousins drink shots, and their dads drank shots, and their granddads drank shots, he’d be hard-pressed to tell his male relatives that he was going to excuse himself to sit next to you while you chat about the Real Housewives with his sister-in-law. I remember that these are nice people, warm people, generous people, family members — and that although we have different ways of socializing, it’s not my place to impose my values on them.Anyway, I’m not going to entirely defend the “doing shots with cousins” thing, because it’s easy to spin this as rude, disrespectful, and inconsiderate of you as his girlfriend. If he’s thoughtful, generous, attentive, and chivalrous 99% of the time, but checks out at his once-a-year family reunion, is this worth breaking up your entire relationship?Once again, I’m not suggesting that it’s ideal, nor am I encouraging him to ditch you.But, I am also open to considering that I am wrong and should drop it. Thanks again for your hard work in this blog 🙂Dear Alex, I’m glad you brought up the mulligan thing, coined by my then-girlfriend in 2007.

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Basically, it means that you have to let a lot of little things go within a relationship, especially when they’re not intended to hurt you.

I don’t know if this situation is even worth dwelling over or bringing up, or if I am being completely neurotic.

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