Facts about dating moldovian women

14-Nov-2020 04:46

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You can’t just go to five different cities and expect to meet hordes of young and beautiful girls. But I’ve heard a lot of good things about 20% of the country’s population lives in Chisinau.

Some cities are such shitholes that you don’t want to go there.

If they are wives, than they are breathtaking lovers, wonderful hostesses and simply stunning ladies.

If they are mothers, than they are the best mothers in the entire world as they care and nurture their children very much, and the specific thing about Moldavian ladies, is that they keep nurturing their husbands and children till the end of their lives.

The only thing that a lady from Chisinau is requiring her husband to do, is to be loyal to her, and is to be honest with her, as this is the thing she deserves for being honest and loyal with him.

That is why the other things are not that important for them.

At the beginning of the nineteenth century it was a small city which numbered less than seven thousands of people, and only in 1812 by the time it was the war between Russians and Turkish people which lasted since 1806 for almost seven years, due to which the Eastern part of Moldova has became the part of the Russia, and Chisinau has become the capital of the newly built county called Bessarabia.

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She when you say that you’re interested in the Moldovan culture and the sights in Chisinau. I don’t want to be rude, but you have to be blind to call this city beautiful. When I traveled to Chisinau, I had the exact same intention. I liked her even more when she was a bit tipsy…and without inhibitions. You probably visit Moldova with the intention to meet beautiful women and to have one or two dating adventures. It can be broken, but that takes a lot of energy and time. Speaking of getting the full package…You get the full package, but she also expects the full package. I asked myself the same question as I was about to cross the border. Russian Cupid is the best Moldovan dating site (scroll up for the link to my review).