Goldfish speed dating

25-Oct-2020 13:57

On top of that, I bought tea for everyone in the group who wanted it (our group wasn’t into coffee! The coffee shop we were in just filled up a gallon jug of hot water and had a variety of tea bags available.

(I set this all up in advance with the manager.) We had all the fruit, a muffin, a cinnamon role and six doughnuts left at the end of the evening so I had everyone take some home. ) I started off by reaching out to a whole bunch of established restaurants and cafes, and was astounded by how difficult it was to host events at these places.

She had a GREAT explanation of how the event should flow, and it was really helpful as I planned my own meetup.It’s a speed-dating format without any of the awkwardness.I’ll be serving up huge helpings of coffee, tea, cookies, doughnuts*—and friendship!I think it’s better to get too many treats than not to have enough, but in the future I think I might just bring doughnuts and skip the cinnamon role and muffins. Some asked for thousands of dollars to make a reservation! Out of ideas, I reached out to an acquaintance who hosts weekly groups for a rather large number of people.

She recommended this new coffee shop called Central Coffee Bar. The service was amazing and the people were incredibly accommodating.(I think new places are great partners because they’re still trying to generate buzz around their new venture, and they want to develop relationships with the community.) I will definitely be giving them a ring for my next event!

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