Government mandating digital tv dating people at work bad idea

24-Sep-2019 08:29

But imposing costs on Americans via government regulation and taxes—including mandated technological transitions— is as American as apple pie. digital TV transition, Berlin, Germany, underwent its government mandated digital TV transition, the subsidy to analog TV set owners was restricted solely to the poor. Finland, Sweden, and the Netherlands all completed their digital TV transitions by the end of 2007—and without any converter box subsidies.When the government forced horses off the roads to make way for cars, it did not subsidize the horse owners. What makes this particular technological transition different is the political power of America's FCC-licensed TV broadcasters and the money at stake.If Congress sets aside more money for digital TV coupons, this time the money should be directed to the poor, not billionaires.The global Set Top Box (STB) market size is anticipated to reach USD 29.78 billion by 2024, according to a new report by Grand View Research, Inc.With the growing demand for interactive digital entertainment services, the set top box industry is expected to present significant innovative and new revenue generation opportunities in the near future.

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Broadcasters' primary political strategy has been to use the digital transition to acquire additional rights to that spectrum free-of-charge.

Every communications industry has had to transition from analog to digital technology over the last few decades.

Why treat the broadcasters' transition specially? The most common answer is that the situation is different in this case because the government is mandating the transition.

Factors, such as a compliance with the stringent regulations mandating the digitization of cable TV and the subsequent migrations toward digital TV from analog TV, have increased the global demand for set top boxes.

With an increase in the disposable income and the emerging middle-class population, the demand for media-rich home entertainment services is increasing among the consumers.The result was that Congress allocated only enough money for the neediest to get the coupons, while compromising with the broadcasters to make everyone eligible to receive them.

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