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19-Dec-2019 08:22

For setting any other Command Name you need to handle Row Command with checking Command Name in it.

Visual Studio allows developers to quickly put together a Web Forms page simply using drag and drop options from the Visual Studio editor.

This means that when the user does an update, the data from that update is lost.

You should create your data source once (on the user's first visit) and store it into Session for later use, and only bind the Grid View to the data source when it is necessary to do so.

Today I was working on getting a row of the Grid View control to save the contents of a Drop Down List, and needed to add some custom code to set values passed to the Sql Data Source control on the update event.

I found that simple data binding of my Drop Down List in my Grid View to my Sql Data Source was not going to be enough.

I'm having a very hard time understand what would prevent your event from being fired.

If you are using command buttons, then do not use Auto Generate Edit Button.Right now, I have not written code for the Update event. Right now, I have not written code for the Update event. Then the page posts back, the text boxes go back to being labels and the new values are lost, and the Row Updating code never fires. Yes, I did put the breakpoint at the Row Updating line (and not in the function).I would need to set values passed to the Sql Data Source control on the update event, and as part of this I would need to reference the controls contained in the row being updated.

To do this, I created an instance of the Row Updating event for the Grid View. But it still throws the same exception, although I've read on a couple of sites that changing it to On Row Editing and Grid View Edit Event Args would solve the problem.

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