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According to Ice-T, "We named the group Body Count because every Sunday night in L.A., I'd watch the news, and the newscasters would tally up the youths killed in gang homicides that week and then just segue to sports. '" Ice-T introduced the band at Lollapalooza in 1991, devoting half of his set to his hip hop songs, and half to Body Count songs, increasing his appeal with both alternative rock fans and middle-class teenagers. The song "Body Count" was preceded by a staged interview in which the performer referred to the group as a "black hardcore band," stating that "as far as I'm concerned, music is music.The final voice on the track is Ice-T confirming his identity.In the lyrics of "KKK Bitch," Ice-T describes a sexual encounter with a woman who he soon learns is the daughter of the Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan., Ice-T wrote that "'KKK Bitch' was ironic because the sentiments were true.

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[...] Where am I gonna get the rage and the anger to attack something with that? The name alone negates the band from being R&B." Ice-T co-wrote the band's music and lyrics with lead guitarist Ernie C, and took on the duties of lead vocalist.

[...] [We] really loved the music we were doing, and it showed." Like Ice-T's gangsta rap albums, Body Count's material focused on various social and political issues, with songs focusing on topics ranging from police brutality to drug abuse.

According to Ernie C, "Everybody writes about whatever they learned growing up, and we were no exception.

You say the word rock, people say, 'Oh, but I like Jefferson Airplane, I like Fleetwood Mac — that's rock.' They don't want to use the word rock & roll to describe this song." Ernie C stated that "A lot of rappers want to be in a rock band, but it has to be done sincerely.

You can't just get anybody on guitar and expect it to work.

He wrote that the music is "flat-out hard rock, short on soloistic intricacy and fancy structures", but that it is set apart from other metal by Ice-T, who "describes racism in language metalheads can understand, kills several policemen, and cuts his mama into little pieces because she tells him to hate white people.

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