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The event was awesomely run and organized, the people were insanely attractive. Suck somebody else's dick or I'm leaving you... We kept taking it one step at a time and now we both enjoy the lifestyle.Now admittedly I have a bit of a hotwife fetish but after all this buildup watching her with this insanely attractive guy as he slid into her for the first time was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. If I had told her I was leaving if we didn't swing, I wouldn't have had to nag...serves to get the time on, and I am very willing it should continue, as it saves me some hours of discomfort in Arthur's society, and gives him some better employment than the sottish indulgence of his sensual appetites. Roughly a year and a half ago after spending some months researching and processing my feelings about swinging I approached my partner of 3 years and explained that ' While I loved her with all my heart, I could no longer be in a monogamous relationship.'.Spend 18 years raising a child you are going to resent?

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Don't expect your partner to instantly go ' YAY, lets do this'. If you expect your partner to warm up to the idea of a relationship that is the polar opposite of what society everyday tells you is 'normal' then you need to make sure they feel 150% comfortable.

If you cant find a middle ground then I believe the best case is to go your separate ways and find someone who does instead of spending 15 years miserable. My high school sweetheart ex who I dated for 7 years on and off found my internet history and flipped out because I was just looking at swinging stuff. We broke up, I went on and she single male stuff, had girlfriends, etc.

5 years later my ex comes back and wants to get together and asks me about monogamy and I hold firmly on not wanting to be with one woman sexually.

I want to as briefly as I can share the experiences of my partner and I (30m/29F) mainly because I feel like a bit of a brag haha and because I am frustrated at seeing what I consider to be really selfish discussions about how to approach swinging when the male is driving the adventure.

I had realized it just wasn't for me and while it sucked that I didn't know it when we entered into our relationship if we continued without addressing it I would undoubtedly cheat. To each of which the response was ' I love you with all my heart but I no longer believe in monogamy.'. Was all completely new, in the end we settled on going to an event called Saints and Sinners. Saints and sinners was the perfect balance of raunchy but with plenty of vanilla areas to escape the crowd and backoff if someone is feeling uncomfortable.sexual intercourse, sex (informal), lovemaking, the other (informal), congress, fucking (taboo slang), screwing (taboo slang), intimacy, shagging (Brit.

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, which tackles issues of domestic and sexual abuse, is one she admits is "very close" to her own story."[The subject matter] is really near and dear to my heart," she says."These are really important and real-world topics that are a part of our cultural landscape whether we like them or not." Taylor has been an outspoken survivor of domestic violence, even penning an emotional first person essay for last year - and uses her voice to empower young women to "go out and achieve their dreams"."What's embedded in the [See What's Possible campaign] message is this idea of positivity and celebrating women," she says.… continue reading »

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