Interest level dating

09-Nov-2020 00:21

If she comments on how she likes nerds or how "that’s good that you are smart" etc. If she just laughs and doesn’t lean in or touch you, you may need to attract her a little more.Obviously, this has to be applicable to the circumstance, but one good gauge of interest is to subtly test whether or not she is up for a long evening.This isn’t always a conscious decision by her — one woman may not This interest from a woman isn’t necessarily digital.If I had to break it down, I can think of four progressive categories she’s going to be in.If she is interested, often times she will get close and touch you (usually she will grab your arm/shoulder and lean in) and apologize.If she simply apologizes and doesn’t move closer, grab your arm, or hug you, it isn’t a great sign.It’s more like a nuclear submarine: you both have to turn the key.

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For example, say something like: "I was too busy studying for AP tests to smoke weed in high school …., yep, I was a huge nerd." and see how she responds.

Other times a girl will not reciprocate touch but ram her tongue down your throat at the end of a date.

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