Is taylor swift still dating conor kennedy

26-Jan-2020 18:51

Kennedy Jr., including how tragedy brought them closer together and the musician’s surprising real estate purchase.

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They only "broke up" to get their families off their case, says a source: “Taylor and Conor are pretending to everyone that they’ve split up, and so far they’ve done a really good job of convincing friends - and even the press - that it’s true.” “They hatched the scheme because the Kennedys were putting pressure on Conor to concentrate on high school and getting into a top college." The Kennedys were also reportedly worried about Swift and Kennedy eloping, a rumor that spread like wildfire this summer after they first got together.What was funny was that Taylor lied about buying property next to the Kennedy compound for months and months, and then Vanity Fair pulled out the receipts about how she actually did buy the property (Taylor Swift needed to calm down.During the pop star’s short-lived romance with Conor Kennedy in 2012, she bought a house in Hyannis Port, Massachusetts, mere weeks after meeting him — and the purchase made the then 18-year-old “nervous,” according to a new book. Randy Taraborrelli details the summer fling the songstress, now 29, had with the son of Robert F.“Just to set the record straight, it wasn’t with Tim Mc Graw.

It was with this guy I was dating and he was about to go off to college and I was thinking about all the things that I knew would remind him of me.” The internet claims this former boyfriend is either Drew Dunlap or Brandon Borello, both of whom are linked to multiple songs on .Maybe she realized that she really overstepped in about 10 different ways – buying the house in Hyannis Port, stalking him at boarding school, lying about the house purchase, pap strolling at his mother’s grave…