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Toby expertly wiggled out of the commercial and let us go.

He later came over to our set and thanked us, giving us each a box of Malt-O-Meal.

I remember they did a live commercial that day with cotton balls in bowls made to look like ice cream with Hershey's syrup over the top. The swing shift rotation was weekly, so most of the guys were home around lunch time for at least three weeks a month, and MANY were big time fans of Soupy Sales.

Turns out, the admiration was mutual, as Soupy was a cop wannabe!

Auntie Dee invited us back, but we never got a formal invitation as far as I knew.

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Bud Davies was short in stature, but the teenagers loved him.

Then we would walk all along the outside to look at the beautiful Christmas displays in the windows. At the time, like any teenager, I held a a jaded view of most of the stuff I grew up with. Cummings, that i don't remember who the band was, but I do remember who the warm-up act was. Cummings, for all the years I watched you as a child and reminding me as a young adult that Milky was cool!

As an adult, I've grown to appreciate that many of the things I had thought were beneath me as a young adult were really kind of cool, as anyone who eventually raises a family does. The big draw was, of course, the band and I can't even remember who they were. Our Cub Scout Troop (Warren-Southfield-Greenfield area) was on "Our Friend Harry" with Harry Jarkey in the late 1950s.

Back in 1954, my cousin and I were to appear on the Callahan School of Music show, then on CKLW-TV, across the river in Windsor.

I played the trumpet, and my cousin played the accordion. About that time Toby David, aka "Captain Jolly," was hosting a game show in one of the adjacent studios called "Watch the Birdie." The kids watched a film and looked out for the bird.Most theaters were divided into three sections; orchestra, balcony and gallery- with the gallery being the cheap seats.

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