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The source who knows Jon says that Jon tried to keep it together, asking Kate to go to counseling with him; but the only counseling she would agree to was Dr. While the tabloids all claim not to pay for stories, it is generally thought that they do—and money may be an attractive incentive to some potential sources in a bad economy.“The ones claiming we are exploiting our children,” Kate says—here referring to the tabloids and other media that have criticized her for putting her kids on television—“are the ones exploiting our children! Kate sails along beside her, ignoring all the gawkers. Everything is rung up and put in two gigantic bags. “I can’t control him.” Jon has moved to New York, to an apartment on the Upper West Side (he shares custody with Kate and stays with the kids in Pennsylvania a few days a week), and he seems to be going through a second adolescence modeled on many viewings of He has taken to wearing cubic-zirconia earrings. He is flown to the South of France to hang out on the yacht of Christian Audigier, the fashion designer behind the Ed Hardy brand (which Jon is briefly in talks about promoting).

Phil (they had been on his show once for parenting tips). A., according to the source, the media shrink counseled them to stay together “to keep their brand intact. I’m here to save my marriage and you’re talking about my brand? Throughout the fall, Jon was living in a guest room above the garage. As she steps out of the doors of the Essex House hotel and onto the sidewalk on Central Park South, they come dashing out of parked cars, flying over the wall of Central Park, running toward her. ”In May, the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry began conducting an investigation into whether Kate climbs out, assisted by Neild, who escorts her into the store, warning the paparazzi not to follow her.“That’s the mother that had eight kids! It’s a weekday, and the store is filled with tourists, men in khaki shorts and women with scrunchies. The personal shopper shows her some hacky sacks: “Boys like these.” “I’ll take your word for it,” Kate sniffs, moving past them. A young British paparazzo is clandestinely snapping the transaction, his camera hidden under a stuffed animal. “She’s a ”Within hours, the pictures of the shopping trip are all over the Internet. He appears on an episode of “He would never make a comment like that,” said Mike Heller, Jon’s manager. He looks at himself as a guy the world knows but only because he had a show.”But what Jon does that really gets him screwed in medialand is to screw the babysitter—allegedly. And yet, amazingly, America’s media consumers still felt sorry for him. “But now the tide has started to turn,” says Richard Spencer.

“I am so emotionally spent” (from her husband’s behavior, which has included philandering with the daughter of the plastic surgeon who gave Kate her tummy tuck), and so it might not look good for her to be out enjoying herself at a hot spot.“You’re like a prisoner,” Kate says of her newfound fame, annoyed. She and her estranged husband, Jon, are churning around at the center of a multi-media tsunami focused on their split and impending divorce. Kate out in medialand, and the media is squarely on Team Jon.

Kate, who in the first season of two years ago, appeared on-screen as a dowdy, sweatpants-wearing mama hen, is now looking very much the celebrity—from her tanned, trained body to her curiously asymmetrical blond hairdo, now so iconic as to be the model for a popular Halloween wig.—Kate says, holding up a French-manicured finger, signaling for us all to be silent. They are the subject of gossipy talk-show talk—a frequent “Hot Topic” on —and the target of thousands of disapproving blogs (Gosselins Without Pity being the most insane). “In news focus groups,” says Richard Spencer, editor of which has put Jon and Kate on its cover 15 times, “it was amazing to me that readers were actually on Jon’s side. I don’t blame him for having an affair.’”“Mom to Monster,” cried the cover of in May. “Bit of a nerd.” Neild travels with Kate; he accompanied her on the book tours for her best-selling Neild doesn’t think going to Nobu is such a good idea, either.

Needing money, the Gosselins agreed to subject their family to a reality crew.

Figure 8 did a one-hour special on them, which aired on the Discovery Health Channel in 2006.

Jon’s mother was of Korean descent, adding bi-raciality to the couple’s appeal in the dawning age of Obama.

(The show is apparently very popular among Asians.)They met at a picnic in 1997 and married when Jon was 22 and Kate 24.

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And most of this frenzy of coverage has not been at all flattering to Kate, her image, or her fledgling “brand,” which already includes books, DVDs, product endorsements, speaking engagements, and plans for a children’s-clothing line and a talk show of her own.“I’m running a business—hello? ” “You yelled at me like I’m a frickkin’ dog,” Jon whined). “Now that’s where I draw the line.”How did Kate Gosselin become a reality superstar?How did two average parents from rural Pennsylvania with an outsize brood rise to such dizzying heights of stardom and tabloid infamy?The author peers behind the curtain of the biggest celebrity story of the year.—and a reporter is offering to take her out on the town. ” Kate says, leaning back in an armchair in her suite at the Essex House hotel overlooking Central Park, checking her Black Berry, popping gum. ”It’s early August, and Kate, who is 34, has come to New York to do battle—media battle.Their weekly show debuted on TLC the following year.

Speculation about their compensation per episode has ranged from ,000 to ,000—“I wish!She challenged the ruling denying her aid, the news of which prompted an outpouring of angry letters into papers across Pennsylvania.

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