Leader lines excel pie charts updating

04-Feb-2020 23:58

leader lines excel pie charts updating-23

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This macro can be called with the Worksheet_Change event to update the chart every time the source data changes.The 4th solution came from my good friend and charting master, Jon Peltier.🙂The rest of the article explains how to create the original chart.Even though we have made several iterations, this should still help you learn how to use the different chart elements to get creative with your charts. It does require a few columns of formulas to create the source data for the chart columns, error bars, and data labels.

Skill level: Intermediate Download the Excel file to follow along or use in your own projects.

The Error Bars draw the connection between the tops of the amount columns between each bar.

Here are instructions for inserting the Error Bars: The error bars start at the top of the Invisible series (orange) columns to create the variance element.

I like how they displayed the variances between years, and decided to recreate it in Excel.

When creating simple column charts for trends, we almost always want to see the amount or percentage change between each column.

The look of a chart is a highly subjective matter anyways, so don't be afraid to publish.

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