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Matt has chosen the short straw for the next dare, which is to do a moonie outside the Science room window, which Lisa thinks is a great idea.Matt is worried he'll get noticed and Lisa asks if that means he isn't going to do it and Matt is given a forfeit, which is eating stale food.Matt asks Tom if he has known Lisa long and Tom says they've known each other since primary school.Matt then proceeds to ask Tom if Lisa is his girlfriend, but Tom laughs and says Lisa isn't like that as she is one of the lads.In the sports hut, Lisa, Cracker, Tom and Matt have all written a dare and forfeit on a piece of paper, which are then placed in an envelope.Tom explains that the person who draws the shortest straw, has to do a dare and if the dare goes wrong or they chicken out, they have to do a forfeit.Cracker takes the paper and gives it to Lisa and the dare is to get Alec.

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Mr Robson is annoyed when he finds out that Mr Jones is doing boxing after he didn't give permission.

Matt notices how much custard Lisa has and she says she just likes it and Cracker offers his custard in exchange for her tart.

Cracker then tells Matt to come with him so Lisa can eat her custard and once they go, Lisa scoops the custard into a carrier bag.

Lisa picks her dare and wonders if she can see the forfeit, but Cracker says she has to decide about the dare first.

At the shops, Matt wonders if Lisa will do it and Cracker says she may chicken out, but Tom says Lisa wouldn't do that.

Lisa notices a group of schoolboys wearing red hats and that gives Lisa inspiration for her dare, so she buys 3 red caps.

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