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26-Aug-2020 19:55

An empirical study examined the mate preferences of subscribers to a computer dating service in Israel that had a highly skewed sex ratio (646 men for 1,000 women).Despite this skewed sex ratio, they found that "On education and socioeconomic status, women on average express greater hypergamic selectivity; they prefer mates who are superior to them in these traits...

Hypergamy comes with a cost though; the dowry, which often costs as much or more than an entire house.This concept of women marrying up, cited in the Vedas as the Anuloma, was justified as the mechanism to keep the Hindu ideological equivalent of the gene pool from degrading.

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But even when you try to do something yourself, they tell you you’re not capable of making decisions and make you feel dumb all the time. They may be more jovial or happy on days when you’re overworking or stressed because of your own mistakes. Your partner humiliates you or makes nasty remarks, especially around your friends or people who admire you. They set unreasonable expectations and make big demands from you, secretly hoping you’d fail so they can say ‘I told you so!… continue reading »

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