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06-Nov-2020 21:33

So “Meta Dating”, the You Tube series hosted by Sean “Day[9]” Plott and game developers Bill Graner and Sean Bouchard, is apparently coming to a close.Not going to lie, I’m feeling tragic and roughly anarchic about the whole thing, and there’s some impressive lobbying going on to keep it.I'm actually sure I've emailed BA over 2 years ago and maybe blogged it a while ago.See the problem I had was that my password timed out and I needed to get a eticket for the return journey.According to many Slashdotters there calling bullshit.


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Honestly the problem seems to be when your already logged in accessing someone elses account other than your own.

The fourth episode included a game called “Judith” that was a rough take-off on the Bluebeard fairy tale. The “I love him so I have to know” actually seemed like a save: maybe the game designer realized that the character of Judith needed a better motive than curiosity to stick around and explore, but the salvage was really clunky.