My boyfriends on dating sites

19-Sep-2019 23:53

A month ago I found out he was on dating sites including craigslist and manhunt. We fought for 2 days, bags were packed, I was broken.

He said over and over again that he never acted on it because he was atleast man enough not to do that, that I was always on his mind and it kept him away from it.

And like any other desperate girlfriend, I believe him. I stayed another month believin everything he said, the same things your man said to you. And you need to look after yourself first, put your own heart first. The man of your dreams IS you there and won't make you question anything. During that time i had caught him cheating/ pursuing other women a few times!

Now, we are miles away and I'm trying to understand and to forget what I've seen or just happened. I'm confused and sometimes I just want to finish the relationship. I broke up with him but he always kept coming round wearing me down.

After I told him he was stupid for showing his face, he said he would delete the account.

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He broke some of my stuff and then put a brick through my window when I got him to leave and shut him out.

But thats how I know he is lying, that it isnt old news and he is still doing it. I love him so much but I feel disgusted, from the lies, wondering if when we are intimate if he wishes I was a man and if he had or will act on it. it's like I need to know whether this person has been a clever nasty piece of work to somebody who is beautiful to him or whether he's been really confused. I love him and I trust him fully but, when we went on vacation recently I found accidentally on his social network account all the recent searches of bisexual pages (about 3 of those) and a bisexual person we both know personally. I don't want to ruin our vacation so instead I acted normal but I felt so broken inside. The night after that, I confronted him and asked him if there's something I need to know, to make it short, he said that it was his gay friend who have been using it, whom I know.

I dont want to lose him but I dont want to be "that girl" who has to regularly check on him and spy. as we confused because it was me that raise the question during the relationship which for the first time I think made him think about his own sexuality I don't know have a fool. I just wanna share this bec I think I have the same situation. Also, at that same day my curiousity brought me to check his mobile phone's recent activities to my surprise I found out a dating website on his browser which was on private search. We cried that night, it was heartbreaking and he said he isn't gay and that he sees me as someone he will spend the rest of his life with and he loves me very much. Sorry to say this but you need to run the other way. It's hard to admit the truth, even when it slaps you in the face.

Ive still been guarded but we have both been trying very hard to be the best we could be for each other. I really felt he loves me because of efforts and expensive gifts! The time I said I'm breaking up, 5mins after he went back to the sites and post his gay picture. I am crying as I am saying this as reality is just hitting.

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But something kept nagging at me so I looked again. I knew I deserved better and 2 years later I've found it. It's one thing to decide you are gay, but not to drag someone's heart through deceit. And here is worst "he's a pastor" lol I'm like happy now because I'm free from pain and I won't let him hurt me anymore! It's just tiring to trust again after you invest your emotions and time to him! yesterday I found gay saunas, gay websites,, adult hook up sites on old phone he had when with me.

Larivadeanz, Not worth even finding out if he wants to make it work and such. I found him on American Bisexuals..was stupid enough to show his face/posted that he was BI-wanted hookups/long term 1 on 1 with CD, Trans, Cross-Dressers, Females, Males.could accommodate for transportation.

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